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November 22, 2008


Two years ago, I spent my summer holidays in EdiNburgh, and I have to say it is a must to visit this city, specially in August. Edinburgh is a beautiful city in itself, but during August you can enjoy the best theatre festival in the world, dance shows, mimes on the street, long-legged characters sharing the road with you, funny clowns,acrobats who transform the street into a circus,and lots and lots of theatres with many different plays coming from all over the world…it is fantastic! So make sure you go in August, even if you are not very fond of theatre, you will enjoy it!
And also I suggest going to the Frankstein Pub, in the town, there you can drink strange coloured liquors and share the dance floor with the characters of the most famous terror films, and all night at twelve o´clock they do a great performance for the visitors! Another thing you shoud do in Edinburgh, is go on a guided trip to the Loch Ness, it is true that it is not all is cracked up to be, but it is a good way to spend one day and meet the legend.
Something I think it is overrated in Edinburgh is the castles.They are interesting but the ticket to visit them is really expensive and they are almost all the same.So watch out for the guides that promise you to see the most wonderful and important castle in the world.
Well, I hope this has been helpful to you, and remember not to miss the opportunity to live an August in Edimburgh!

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