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Pursuing a goal

November 14, 2008

Getting a good job nowadays is quite difficult, it can even be considered as a daunting challenge. It is thought that a big problem has come up for the young people due to the financial crisis.

It can be said that the current labour market is short of opportunities for beginners. When I was younger, getting a stable well paid job was my burning ambition . The idea of having a boss telling me off almost all the time and ordering me what to do didn´t appeal to me at all, and that is why I opted for a state job.

At the begining, I started going to classes in a private academy, which was pretty hard because I had to study many boring issues by heart and I hadn´t the faintest idea about how to organise myself, how many hours I was supposed to study a day, which were the most important lessons…etc
The point is that I hadn´t a clue about how to face such information overload.

The lessons were riddled with tricky laws and long articles, complex structures to study, there was even a psychotechnical test and I was very nervous about it. The main difficulty of this test stemmed from the speed in your replies as only twelve minutes were provided to solve fifty questions so that only one minute could be spent to answer four questions.

Another drawback was that I had to compete against other applicants, who were also very competitive and well prepared. My mother was always pushing me to continue studying and making an effort, insisting on the advantages and privileges I could enjoy if I passed the exams.
Five years were necessary to pursue my goal, since the first time I sat the exam I kept failing the second test. This was very tough for me. However, I learnt from experience and could benefit from the mistakes I had made.

Then I had to wait for two years until I was able to have another chance and do the exam again , but this time I tried to have the right attitude and be more optimistic. At the end I passed the three parts of the exam.

Fortunately I have made my dream come true and my family are very proud of me. Now I lead a comfortable life and have plenty of time to enjoy my hobbies.
I suppose that I couldn´t have done it without such effort, perseverance and self-discipline.
Therefore if you want to succed in your aims I recommend setting achievable goals, persevering with your studies and relying on your possibilities.

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