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November 14, 2008

First of all, in my personal life my main goal is my son, to make
him as happy as I can and to bring him up the best way I can, as
any mother will do, I suppose.
On the other hand my main goal for this course or in my studies is
to learn as much English as I can, although it is not easy to
dedicate all the time that is required, in this moment of my life,
but I’m trying to do my best.
When you are working, you have a family with a little child (two
years old) and a house to clean it is very difficult to achieve all
your challenges because your priorities have changed. You are not a superwoman, but you try to be.
It is not the same when you are younger and you have all the time
for you..
My father in law always says, “we should be old people before being
I think it is true, in this way, we would make less mistakes in our lives
and would enjoy it more. (When I was young I started University Studies
but I didn’t finishe and I regret it)
I’m “Técnico Superior en Comercio Internacional” and I would like to
work in this field, but it is required full-time dedication and I don’t have
anyone to care about my child. Nowadays I’m working in a department store. The working hours allow me to bring up my son. I’m lucky to have found this job
because of the time-table (four hours a day) and besides it is a
learning experience. I have worked as
a Secretary in a law bureau for nine years, but never as a seller, . So I’m learning from
people everyday.
I expect to change my job as soon as possible because I’m not self-
satisfied but actually it makes me happy because I’m with my child
and as I said before nowadays is my main goal in my  life.

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