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It was worth the effort

November 14, 2008

Two years ago I was working at IVAM. I liked my job but my salary was very low and I had to work six days a week. Besides, I couldn´t obtain a better position at the museum so I decided to look for other jobs or study for some competitive examinations.

My goal was to achieve a public job, I wanted to become a civil-servant and have a good salary. Finally, I decided to prepare competitive examinations for FGV Metrovalencia ( my grandfather and my uncle were station masters, actually I´ve always been surrounded by train models).

In May 2007, I paid the fees and I started to study for my first exam. In June I passed the first one and then I had to study very hard for the second, but I knew that I had the potential to obtain good results.

Meanwhile, it was said that the exam would be in September.

That summer I didn´t have holidays: I worked in the mornings, then I went to class in the evenings and some nights I studied.

It was tough but , now, I think that it was worth.

Besides, it was rumoured that there would be more positions than they had originally offered and this encouraged me, day by day.

The exam was at the end of September and I had a good mark but there were a lot of people who obtained good qualifications too.

This meant that we were too many people for few positions.

From September to the first half of December, there were hard months full of doubts but finally, the eighteenth of December I had a meeting and 91 people and me achieved a position.

That was one of the best days of my life, I rang everybody to tell the good news.

I couldn´t believe it, at last I had achieved my goal, now I am a civil- servant and I have a good salary.

My next goal , professionally speaking, is to become a train driver.

Time will tell.

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