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November 14, 2008

It’s been long since the last time I sat down to think about what I have achieved and what I would like to accomplish in my near and long future. I look forward to new and exciting challenges that will make me grow both as a productive member of this our society and as a human being.

In order to understand and picture out which will be my next challenges and why, it’s essential  firstly to analyze what challenges I have been forced to face.Such challenges include my education in school and university, my personal relationships like my girl friend with whom I have been with for 5 years already (and believe me when I say that’s a real challenge for both of us ), to live on my own for over a year outside the protection of my family and house,  and one of my greatest achievements, buying my own car J !!!!

After briefing some of my major challenges I had to rise to, its time to make a halt and think about what will be next in my life, what it is out there waiting for me like a lion hidden in the undergrowth, dangers and pleasures that lie ahead of me.

Firstly, as a short term objective I would like to finish my Master on Biomedical engineering which I should achieve in 2 years time. Next and as a consequence of the former, I would like to obtain a job related with my studies, reporting me  a good economical sustain in order to become independent  from my parents and build my own family with my actual girl friend. Hopefully in the long term I would like to look back in my life and be proud of it, knowing I did everything with honor and decency.

See you Joaquin in 30-40 years time, and let see what you have done out of your life.

Best regards from yourself =).

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