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November 14, 2008

I was thinking about challenges, in fact, it is something I often do, because, life itself is a big challenge, the ultimate challenge indeed!

But, when I look back and try to remember the most significant one for me until now, it easily comes to my mind the time when I left Valencia in 2004 to study in a specific audio school in Madrid (my first true love has always been Music :P).  It was an intensive one-year program, so I was not supposedly going there for fun, although I had plenty of it…

So once I was there, I had to find a shared house to live during the year I needed to be there, and I had to “accommodate” to the stressful lifestyle, the long subway travels, and the constant hurry.

Also, I entered a music band there in Madrid, what kept me very occupied, so I was not only studying and trying to survive in that huge city, but I also managed to prepare the “world assault” of the band. We toured that year and the following over Europe, Japan and USA, and I remember only having a single month to prepare the first show I had with them in a big music festival in Germany since I became a member of the band!

No need to say that I managed to pass my exams and tests in the audio school, without that, the challenge wouldn’t have been successful for me!

Those were crazy times, of hard challenges, but also an interesting experience of building a whole new social life in Madrid from scratch, finding many great friends there, and living extreme sensations with music traveling around the world, which has been a dream coming true for me!

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