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November 14, 2008

I’ve been working as a psychiatrist for a year. During this time I’ve found a lot of men and women who had lost the illusion of achieving a goal. They used to say they couldn’t find the enough energy to face a challenge. Consequently, they couldn’t see a reason to live, to get up every morning and go out on the street and look for a better life.

I’m a lucky person because I usually rise to the challenge. The last and most important challenge I’ve ever faced in my life was a competitive exam I passed two years ago. It was a daunting challenge, and I wasn’t sure if I could choose the hospital and the town to work in. There were really difficult moments. I studied hard for seven months before the day of the exam. This day I was very nervous and I felt I had forgotten everything I knew about medicine. Finally, I succeeded and I made my dream come true because I had wanted to be a psychiatrist since I was in the first year of my degree. And, in addition to this, I was going to stay in Valencia, the city where my family and friends live.

Now, I have a job that I love. Some difficult days I feel tired and I think it would have been easier to do another job, without human contact, but in the end, I have to admit that I wouldn’t be able to work in a laboratory with rats, far away from patients.

Finally, I must say that I’ve recently found a new challenge. I should learn how to post this composition in our blog!!

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