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The challenge of diving

November 8, 2008

I do believe that I have managed a lot of small achievements in my life, maybe not very important, but I am proud of them, so I will talk to you about one of them, practicing diving. I have always wanted to practice this sport since I was a child and I even remember that I used to watch a lot of underwater documentaries where I could see Scientits studying sharks, dolphins or whales, the discovery of some wreck plenty of fishes and plants, or beautiful underwater landscapes as the Great Coral Barrier. I knew that someday I would see all that on live.

When I was older I pursued my dream of diving, so one day I decided that I had to do the open water diving course. After asking for some information in a diving centre, I  registered and they also gave me a book. They were to take me train me to pass a theoretical and a practical exam. Besides that, the most difficult were the practical exercises we did in the sea. The first day was horrible, I was dressed up with a diving jacket, a regulator, a mask and some leads to go down to the bottom. At the beginning I had a mixture of anxiety and fear, I only wanted to go up to the top and breathe in the open air, because the feeling of breathing oxygen by a regulator is a bit strange, but I finally overcame all that. It was amazing, I have gone down fifteen meters and I was overwhelmed by a feeling of relaxation.

From then on, I began to improve my skills and nowadays I can go down without problems, after several immersions I feel myself comfortable with my equipment and I can really enjoy diving. I have also gone down until almost forty meters, and I have even swum among many fish and beautiful underwater landscapes. Although it seems to be dangerous, it is much easier than you think. So, to sum up, I strongly believe that everybody should face their own challenges, if you believe in yourself you can achieve almost anything.

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