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November 7, 2008

During a life, people have to face a lot of challenges. All of them are important but a few challenges makes us feel fear.
Nowadays my daunting challenge is to do the final project of my degree (PFC).
The PFC has to be finished by December. If I do not it before next year, I will not be able to go on with my university studies.
It is said that this university work is easier than the other but for me it is not. I would rather do an exam than this essay, maybe because I am used to doing a lot of exams every year.
I wish it did not exist, although it appears that the more time you spend with the PFC, the more you love it.
It is time I talked about my favourite challenge: watching the most important tennis matches around the world.
I would like to do that because I love tennis.
I know that I need a lot of money and free time to do this but only if I have the right attitude will I make my dream come true, so I am going to look for a rich husband and bet at the lottery twice or three times a week.The challenge that I expect to happen in the near future is working as a volunteer in a poor country. I would like to spend some months in one of these countries to help people who do not have anything and who need little to live and besides pick up another culture and another way of life.Although living is the biggest challenge and we are not super humans, it is important to have little ones to work every day for them.

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