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A great challenge for me…..

November 7, 2008

This weekend I have being thinking about the most important challenge that I have lived in my life, and I thought of writing about how to find a decent job or learning to speak English with fluently, without  travelling to a foreign country.But I believe the most important challenge that I have ever faced in my life is the one I am living at this moment. I say this because I am finding it very difficult to combine work in a day/evening and night shift with studying the last course of English at the Oficial Language School in the mornings and training as a nursery teacher in the evenings.

Every morning when I get up I have to think about what I have to do today¡. It could seem strange, but I find it really difficult to settle down keeping this time. Furthermore, I work from Monday to Sunday, including holidays, and so I have to confess that I live in fear of garbling my timetables. Especially when I work in the night shift, because when I wake up I don´t know what day it is!.These are the occasions when I think of throwing in the towel…And if I don´t do that is because I think it´s important to face challenges and to have the right attitude to achieve our aims, because if you are a positive person, it will be easier, don´t you think?…

In fact, at this time I am a very happy person because I´m doing everything I want to do, and for me it is the sheer delight of spending my time doing this. And I believe I rise to the challenge, even if it´s a daunting one.

Above all, I don´t want to let my family slide, particulary because I am just married!. I couldn´t do it without help, so I would like to thank my family, and especially my husband for his patience and his support.

Ana Alcácer García (girasolesrojos)

2º Advanced English, 10 M1

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